An Advent Gift from God

I suddenly recalled, this fourth week in Advent, that my book, A World Transformed: Exploring the Spirituality of Medieval Maps, contains a seasonal reflection! I decided to share it today as an excerpt. Read on for a gift from God via the wonderful world of the...

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10 Advent Practices

This year, as I've attempted to keep Advent and—of course—prowled social media, I’ve noticed some interesting practices here and there. So I decided it was time for an Advent round-up! This is not meant to be a definitive compilation, just some neat things I’ve found....

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Your God Is Too Big

For the second week in Advent, I'm thrilled to host friend and author Phil Steer with a guest post that challenges the way we're usually told to think about God. Read on to see how the "offense of the Incarnation" changes everything about our relationship to God and...

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Packing for a Pilgrimage

Are you traveling for Thanksgiving this week? What kind of suitcase are you taking? These days, given the madness of airline travel, most of us are doing better at packing light. Even when taking Southwest—bags fly free!—I strive to follow the advice given for a...

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