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I’m pleased to announce that I have a forthcoming book on pilgrimage
with Fortress Press. Stay tuned for details.

A World Transformed (cover)

On the edge of medieval maps, monsters roam. In the west, pilgrims take well-traveled roads to Rome and Compostela. In the east, Old Testament history unfolds. And at the center, in the city of Jerusalem, Jesus saves the world.

In A World Transformed: Exploring the Spirituality of Medieval Maps, Lisa Deam takes us on an incredible journey through medieval maps. Despite their curious appearance, these maps, Deam shows, are surprisingly modern. In their monstrous, marvelous sights lie treasure troves of wisdom to guide twenty-first-century Christians on their walk with God. Each chapter in this geographical journey links medieval maps to biblical concepts and spiritual practices that transform our faith and our world.


Deam, whose love for these ancient cartographs shines joyously on every page, writes not from a scholarly perspective so much as from a faith-based appreciation of the medieval mind; she celebrates how these maps can invite people of faith in our secularized, GPS-dominated world to stop and consider how faith is not just a head game, but literally a way of living, moving and being in the world.

Carl McColman, Summer Reading for the Soul (Huff Post Religion, 7/10/15)

I thoroughly enjoyed the pilgrimage of discovery led by Lisa Deam through her beautifully-crafted and engagingly-written book, A World Transformed. Becoming familiar with medieval maps, on which little is recognizable at first glance to the modern viewer, was a disorienting and then reorienting experience . . .  The book may be fully read, but the pilgrimage continues of being centered on Christ and recognizing Him in life’s every aspect.

Ellen Mandeville, Englewood Review of Books (December 22, 2015)

An engaging, meditative study . . .

Peter Leithart, Spirituality of Maps (First Things, 4.17.15)

Lisa opens the reader’s eyes to the geography and spirituality of medieval maps in a way which I would never have believed possible before opening this accessible volume.  There is a disarming honesty from the author . . .

Richard Littledale, Of Pinpricks and Painted Scrolls

With the eye of an art historian and the understanding of a theologian, Deam directs our attention to features of these maps that she knows we need to reclaim . . .

Charlie Collier, Catalyst: Summer Reading (The 2015 Edition)

A World Transformed is a treasure waiting for the church and the individual to discover. It illustrates that our spiritual journey is as ancient as these maps and as contemporary as geosynchronous orbital satellites.

Ted Grider, A World Transformed invites reader to pilgrimage


A Conversation with Lisa K. Deam by Mary Beth Fraser Connolly

Ancient Maps with Future Consequences on “Ancient‐Future Faith” radio program (KFIA)

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