Announcing The Contemplative Writer

Big news! Today I am taking the helm at The Contemplative Writer, a website offering (near) daily soul care for writers. It was founded by my friend Ed Cyzewski, a wonderful writer and contemplative Christian. (Be sure to check out Ed’s books, such as Pray, Write, Grow and Write without Crushing Your Soul). Ed created a beautiful site, and I’m thrilled to be able to help keep it going.

At The Contemplative Writer, you’ll find a short tidbit nearly every day of the week: book of the month reviews, weekly prayer, and resources on writing and the contemplative life. Today’s post features our Book of the Month, the Cloud of Unknowing. Here’s a taste:

The Cloud of Unknowing is a contemplative treatise written in the late 14th century. It forms the basis (along with a few other historical texts) of the modern Centering Prayer movement.


The Cloud‘s anonymous author was a monk or priest who addressed his treatise to a young disciple just setting out in a religious vocation. Although written in a monastic context, the Cloud (and its “sequel,” the Book of Privy Counsel), has advice for anyone who wants to pursue a life of prayer.


Reading the Cloud of Unknowing, I’m especially drawn to the author’s description of contemplative prayer as rest and even akin to sleep. I don’t know about you, but I think rest is something most of us need in a culture characterized by a lot of striving. Are you tired and anxious? The Cloud author writes . . .

Join me at The Contemplative Writer to read the rest of today’s post, and while you’re there see if you’d like to sign up for the weekly newsletter and/or the daily emails.

Blessings on your journey today!

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